Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

Addington Valley Academy Speech and Language Therapy Service is provided by Love to Communicate: an extensive and highly specialist team of onsite SLTs and SLTA’s who work with students in individual sessions and small groups targeting specific areas of language, attention and communication needs. The SLT team work directly in the classroom and liaise with staff regularly – providing a multi-professional, holistic and team approach – developing communication approaches throughout the school in all areas of the school.

The interventions provided are evaluated in terms of effectiveness and we provide systems that are embedded throughout the curriculum such as intensive interaction. Picture Exchange Communication System, Attention Autism, Fun for Feeding, Makaton, AAC, Speech and Language programs, colourful semantics and more.

Students make continuous progress and every student’s communication approach and targets are individualised and bespoke to them.

The SLT team provide home visits to support parents, parent trainings, and staff trainings across the year. The SLT team, work with senior leadership to integrate speech, language, and communication throughout the curriculum and we work together as an effective team.