Thank you for your kindness

Huge thanks to Croydon Relief In Need, Webb Family Charitable Trust and the Card Factory Foundation for your generosity. You have made a really positive impact on the children at our school in funding our new trim trail equipment.

The equipment has supported our students in developing their core strength but also supported regulation throughout the day.

Anna Huzzey, Deputy Head (Primary) said: “We have been excited to see them engage with new equipment and share it with their peers. The impact the trim trail has had on our students has been significant; they have enjoyed using it for a range of activities and have developed core skills through balance and coordination.”

The trim trail has bought so much fun and enjoyment to the students – it’s a firm favourite outdoor activity!

The progress my son has made is phenomenal, we couldn’t be happier.

We feel very lucky that he is in this school.

Parent February 2022

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