Working closely with students’ families is a crucial part of our work at Addington Valley Academy. We want to ensure that the school is doing everything it can to support and nurture  students. Your feedback helps us to focus on key areas for improvement and the issues that are important to you and your child.

Some comments from parents and carers:

I just wanted to say thank you for your support and kindness and would like to share with you how happy we are with how our son has settled into AVA and Tull class, he is like a different child. Since starting just a couple of weeks ago we can already see such a positive change in him. He is so happy and excited to go to school in the mornings. Even though he cannot speak, his actions tell it all. As soon as I put on his uniform he starts jumping and running to the front door to leave! I have never seen him act this way to go to school!

His meltdowns have become less and when he does have one they are shorter. His self-regulation has improved.

He smiles so much more and seems so content and happy.  Laura & The Tull class team have been amazing and I’m so grateful to them for making his transition so seem-less. Laura has been so supportive & full of good ideas. The team are fantastic.

I go to work in the morning knowing that my son is cared for, safe and thriving in a place he has the opportunity to reach his full potential.

When you become a parent of a child with Autism & Additional needs, every aspect of your life changes forever. My son being in such a wonderful setting has given us hope for the his future & us as a family something we haven’t had for a long-time.

You have a very special school with very special people working there and we are so fortunate, blessed and grateful that my son is part of that. Thank you very very much for giving us a light at the end of a long tunnel.

Parent September 2022

Honestly, sitting in the parent workshop, I felt simultaneously humbled and proud that my son has been given the opportunity to be educated at your school, and chuffed that you all are continuing to ‘walk your talk’ and action the principles you have spoken of since AVA’s inception. My wholehearted thanks and appreciation to you all.

Parent March 2022

The progress my son has made is phenomenal, we couldn’t be happier. We feel very lucky that he’s in this school.

Parent February 2022

I was really touched by how kindly my son’s teacher handled my call this morning. Yet another instance of the love and care that permeates throughout the staff culture; it really means a lot – thank you.

Parent November 2021

My son joined Addington Valley Academy in September 2021 and we are very happy with the progress he has made in a short period of time. During half-term we were able to take our son to the park where he enjoyed playing on the swings and tried out the other playground equipment rather than just wanting to play with the grass or dirt. He also calmly and safely held our hands whilst travelling to the park and back, meaning we didn’t have to worry that he might run into the road. We would like to thank his teacher Jack, and Johnson class team for their hard work and commitment.

Parent November 2021

Please could you pass onto to everyone at Addington Valley Academy that we appreciate all the hard work in helping with my son’s education whilst at home. The home packs get better and better every week!

Parent – January 2021

I think your school and staff are amazing and you have wowed me! My son was very anxious about starting at a new school, but after one week he said it was ‘the best school’. He has tried many new foods and I have added some of them to his regular diet. His maths skills are improving, but best of all, he said ‘I have a friend’ – which is huge! Thank you for all of the effort – it really shows.  

Parent – November 2020

The progress my son has made is phenomenal, we couldn’t be happier.

We feel very lucky that he is in this school.

Parent February 2022

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