Our Sixth Form is designed as a natural stepping stone for students as they transition into young adulthood, college, residential/supported living placements or work – where this is appropriate.

Curriculum and Teaching approaches

We follow on from the pathway system used in the main school to ensure a smooth continuation of support and learning.

Each student will work on specific, bespoke targets that are built to help them access their next step. These targets are based on:

  • EHCP outcomes
  • discussions with students and families
  • college course entry requirements (if appropriate)
  • speech and language therapy requirements
  • occupational therapy requirements

These targets are then used to create bespoke curricula using the Equals curriculum and learning intentions as a broad framework.

Transitioning from a school environment to a college, supported living or work environment can be especially complex for our students. We emphasise, alongside the academic and developmental aspects of learning, the practical and functional skills need for these next steps.

Getting students ready for their next step can involve:

  • time in the community
  • work experience
  • social groups
  • social development
  • community sport and health

This is in line with our school values of Wellbeing, Independence, Communication and Achievement.

All our teaching approaches have ASD best practice at their core. This ensures that students leave our Sixth Form with a positive framework for communication and independence that are functionally useful in the outside world. Our students leave us being able to communicate effectively and have the tools to access learning and the social world as independently as possible. We believe that this will ensure high levels of self-esteem and wellbeing.


Students, where appropriate will access AQA Unit awards, Entry Level and Functional Skills exams. Should a student have a particular talent in any area, we will endeavour to help them achieve a relevant accreditation. For Example, B-Tech, Duke of Edinburgh or Arts Awards.

Students will have accessed healthy living and sporting/fitness activities relative to their abilities both in school and in the community. This encourages a culture and enjoyment of movement that will decrease the chances of illness and isolation that are so common amongst this cohort in later life.

Students will have an effective communication system that will be adapted to be used both at home and in the community, enabling them to access the world around them.

Students will move onto a college placement, residential/supported living placement or a work placement.