Vision – Achievement, Well-being, Communication and Independence

Engagement Values – Exploration, Realisation, Anticipation, Persistence and Initiation

At Addington Valley Academy we ‘build quality relationships and interactions which respect an individual’s potential to learn’

Addington Valley Academy specialises in providing a high quality learning environment, curriculum and support for pupils with autism and a range of complex needs. We recognise that children and young people with autism have a range of other needs, including social communication, cognitive, sensory and social, emotional and behavioural and our new school and its staff, have the expertise to support these pupils. Our specialist provision and curriculum will be underpinned by a communication and positive behaviour based model that includes therapeutic approaches to incorporate sensory integration, supports our learners to access the core and wider curriculum and understand their world. Our vision for Addington Valley Academy is to provide a positive environment where children and young people access specialist support so that they can learn and achieve.

Our Vision:

  • To work with pupils, families and the community to provide a kind, caring and collaborative environment that engages, inspires and challenges
  • To ensure and develop independence, communication and meaningful outcomes for all pupils
  • To ensure everything supports the pupils prepare for adulthood
  • To ensure everyone is valued and respected

Our core belief is that structure and positive intervention, with built-in opportunities for change and risk-taking achieve the best results for pupils with autism.

Through the joint working of well trained and experienced staff, the school is able to provide an environment that recognises the difficulties Autism can present. The school promotes and supports the development of independence, self-esteem and confidence for each young person.

Our general approach involves:

  • A high level of structure
  • Low arousal environment with clearly defined areas for group and individual work
  • Visual strategies
  • Embedded therapeutic support and approaches from specialist SALT and OT.
  • Specific communication programmes
  • Positive behaviour support
  • Person-centred learning
  • Specialised curriculum which is delivered in a ‘pathway’ model – this means our curriculums meet the needs of our pupils, we do not expect our pupils to ‘adapt’ to access our curriculum.
  • Provide real life learning opportunities within a framework that is flexible, safe and responsive to individual needs
  • Enable and empower children and young people to identify and work towards their personal aspirations and their long term, EHCP outcomes.


Our offer is divided into three pathways, reflecting the differing needs of our ASD/SLD (Severe Learning Difficulties) cohort. It caters for our most vulnerable and complex pupils to pupils who are able to access school and life a little more independently.

Personalised curriculums are devised from individual long term EHCP outcomes, as such, all learning is carefully planned from 6th Form to early years; ensuring that pupils make good progress and leave with the skills and independence that is required for their next steps, post Addington Valley.

Our curriculum is based upon the Equals Curriculum; this offers formal, semi-formal, informal and pre-formal curriculums which our teachers adapt to meet the needs of their pupils. (More information below!) We ensure pupils are regularly observed and assessed for progress within the 5 Areas of Engagement, to guarantee our curriculum is meeting their needs and developing their learning skills.

You can access more detailed information about our individualised approach to curriculum by clicking on each key stage in the menu on the left.

Therapy Input

We embed therapy within the curriculum and learning environment; ensuring therapy provision is constant and relevant to our pupils. While pupils will receive their allocated therapy input, as per their EHCP, we believe that an embedded therapy model ensures that all staff are carrying out therapy in every interaction and teaching opportunity that they engage in.


  • Speech and Language
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Drama Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Lego Therapy
  • Canine Therapy

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I think your school and staff are amazing – you have wowed me!

Parent November 2020

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